27 Years Old Experienced Entrepreneur Borne in Iran with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Search EngineOptimization (SEO), Management, public speaking and data driven marketing. Strong business developmentprofessional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Physics from Shahid Beheshti University.

High School

Iran High School 2006 – 2007

Bahar High School 2007 – 2010



Undergraduate Degree

University Of Shahid Beheshti(SBU) 2010 – 2015

BSc Physics

SBU is between top 10 universities in Iran

World Rank: around 900


Masters Degree

University Of ?  202? – 202?



Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Is The Marketing Of Products Or Services Using Digital Technologies, Mainly On The Internet, But Also Including Mobile Phones, Display Advertising, And Any Other Digital Medium.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Is The Process Or Act Of Performing A Speech To a Live Audience. Public Speaking Is Commonly Understood As Formal, Face-To-Face Speaking Of a Single Person To a Group Of Listeners. Traditionally, Public Speaking Was Considered To Be a Part Of The Art Of Persuasion.


Leadership Is Both a Research Area And a Practical Skill Encompassing The Ability Of An Individual Or Organization To "Lead" Or Guide Other Individuals, Teams, Or Entire Organizations.


Search Engine Optimisation Is The Process Of Increasing The Quality And Quantity Of Website Traffic By Increasing Visibility Of a Website Or a Web Page To Users Of a Web Search Engine. SEO Refers To The Improvement Of Unpaid Results, And Excludes The Purchase Of Paid Placement.Just Give Me The Targeted Word,LOL.


I Started Learning And Doing Photography Because It Was Essential For My Previous Startup(Poolkhord) Although Now i Do It Just As a Hobby.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis Is a Process Of Inspecting, Cleansing, Transforming, And Modeling Data With The Goal Of Discovering Useful Information, Informing Conclusions, And Supporting Decision-Making.


SQL Is a Domain-Specific language Used In Programming And Designed For Managing Data Held In a Relational Database Management System, Or For Stream Processing In a Relational Data Stream Management System. i Started Learning SQL In 2019.


Python Is An Interpreted, High-Level, General-Purpose Programming Language. Created By Guido Van Rossum And First Released In 1991, Python's Design Philosophy Emphasizes Code Readability With Its Notable Use Of Significant Whitespace. i Started Learning This Language In 2019.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP & MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. It is most associated with blogging but supports other types of web content including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, and online stores.


Hypertext Markup Language Is The Standard Markup Language For Documents Designed To Be Displayed In a Web Browser. It Can Be Assisted By Technologies Such As Cascading Style Sheets And Scripting Languages Such As JavaScript. I Learned It Only To Understand Our Technical Team Better. Indeed, I Myself Don't Use It.

Adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Is a Raster Graphics Editor Developed And Published By Adobe Inc. For Windows And MacOS. It Was Originally Created In 1988 By Thomas And John Knoll. Since Then, This Software Has Become The Industry Standard Not Only In Raster Graphics Editing, But In Digital Art As a Whole.


Scrum Is An Agile Framework For Managing Knowledge Work, With An Emphasis On Software Development, Although It Has Wide Application In Other Fields And Is Slowly Starting To Be Explored By Traditional Project Teams More Generally.I Learned Scrum In Order To Enhance Our Developing Team In a Better Way.

Swimming And Lifeguard

A Lifeguard Is a Rescuer Who Supervises The Safety And Rescue Of Swimmers, Surfers, And Other Water Sports Participants Such As In a Swimming Pool, Water park, spa, Beach Or River.i Was Swimmer In Some 20 Years And i Learned Low To Be a Life Guard This At University.


Yoga Is a Group Of Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Practices Or Disciplines Which Originated In Ancient India. I Have Been Done Yoga For About 5 Years.


Horticulture is the growing of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and of plants for ornament and fancy, i do horticulture as a hobby.

Company Name: omdex

Period:  2016 – now

Position: co-founder & CEO

Summery: OMDEX is a platform for wholesale trade serving buyers and suppliers around Iran, as aplatform we continue to develop services to help businesses do more and discoveropportunities.
our mission is to help Iranian SME manufacturers to do business as easy as possible by giving them the tool to reach more audience for their products and help buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently. omdex has raised 2 round investment from karaya angel investors and torfeh negar holding(software company) in Iran.

Company Name: haji arzooni

Period: 2015 – 2016

Position: co-founder

Summery: Hajiarzoni Was A Fruit Delivery Startup We Started It In Tehran,But It failed...


Company Name: poolkhord

Period:  2015 – 2016

Position: co-founder

Summery: poolkhord is an online store which focussed on importing Spanish brands (like inditexcompany) and some china's products from Alibaba and sell them on poolkhord e-commerce shop.

Company Name: self employed

Period: 2011 – 2016

Position: tutor

Subjects: math,physics,algebra,geometry


INOTEX is the premier regional event for professionals engaged in technology and Innovation. Leading governmental organizations of IRAN are the partners behind INOTEX: Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, Presidential Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation and Innovation Fund.We participated in this fair as an exhibitor(omdex startup).

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Avacamp is a two months free program that provides workspace, mentorship and training to startups. The program is developed for boosting startups by helping them validate their business model, gain customer insight, understand their market and go to market strategy, optimize their product and build up their team.We Attended this camp as omdex's founders.

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SHETAB SHOW(channel 1) Is a Copy Of American SHARK TANK show, It Started Broadcasting In 2019.We Pitched Omdex As a Successful Startup In Iran in This Show,Indeed We Offered 20% Of omdex's Equity  For 700,000$.


I started teaching SEO and GOOGLE webmaster tools and GOOGLE analytics in tivan entrepreneurship club.

Our Team(omdex) Settled In Tivan Co-Working Space For About 6 Month.

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In this workshop, which was held in collaboration with the University of Al-Zahra in March 2018, basic topics of starting a business were taught to a group of this university students and other participants from outside of the university.I Joined This Event As a voluntary experience as a business mentor in order to address my social responsibility.

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Reverse Pitch Was An Innovative Event Held By Torfeh Negar Innovation Center(One Of My Investors In Omdex Startup) In Order To Find Potential Talents In This University.

I Participated There As a Business Mentor(It Was a Voluntary And Non Profit Experience), This Event Took Place In Khajeh Nasir Toosi University.

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IRANPLAST Is One Of The Largest And Most Important Exhibitions In Iran, In The Fields Of Raw Materials, Machinery & Moulds, Auxiliaries And Services For Plastics & Rubber Industries, As Well As, One Of The Most Magnificent Ones In The Middle East Region And Asia.We Exhibited Omdex Startup There To Variety Of Potential Manufacturers.


ELECOMP Is The Greatest Commercial Event In Iran's Market Of Electronics And Computer Products And Services. Since Its First Edition In 1995, Numerous Players Of This Stage In Iran Introduce Their latest Achievements In Software And Hardware In ELECOMP Every Year.We Exhibited Omdex Startup In This Fair.

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ELECOMP Is The Greatest Commercial Event In Iran's Market Of Electronics And Computer Products And Services. Since Its first Edition In 1995, Numerous Players Of This Stage In Iran Introduce Their latest Achievements In Software And Hardware In ELECOMP Every Year.We Exhibited Omdex Startup In This Fair.

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